About Us

You are paying the highest rent in town for one reason – visibility. We make that visibility happen for you.

David Collins, the founder of Distinct Displays, saw something in London in 2014 that blew him away. As he was riding around taking in the sights, he saw a store front window up ahead with this amazing glow. After trying to figure out where the electricity was coming from which were almost invisible cables, he knew he needed to bring these to the States.

The displays last up to 66,000 hours – that’s 15 years at 12 hours a day! Your electrical bill will love them as they run on 6 watts of LED power and plug into a 110 outlet. All orders come with installation instructions for your electrician or handyman to install quickly and professionally. We carry the backlit print film to print on – any ink jet printer works – or we can print for you.

These beautiful displays have never ending possibilities – Open houses, brochure holders, happy hour menus, dinner menus, doctor’s office, spas, etc.

We are passionate about these displays and have heard from many, many clients about the feedback they have gotten from hanging them in their windows or having an illuminated check holder so a cell phone is not needed to try and see the check.

Let us help you Stand Out From The Crowd!
Send us a photo of your space and we will design a layout just for you – Free!

Our Team

Sandi CollinsSandi Collins, Owner/President
[email protected]

Brien MetcalfBrien Metcalf, Vice President
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David CollinsDavid Collins, CEO
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