Hi Sandi - the displays are beautiful! They light up and shine, and they look great from the street. We will be putting them in the display windows of our new storefront office next to Starbucks, and expect a lot of attention to them. Thanks!


Hello Sandi, Displays are a total hit! I think they will pop a lot more in the winter time here in Alaska because it's a lot darker. Here in the summer in Alaska it's almost 24 hours of sunshine. We have a downtown location where there's constant foot traffic and almost everyone stops to look! Thank you for all of your help!!

J. Scott Woods

Broker/Owner / Remax

My name J. Scott Woods and I am the broker/owner of RE/MAX Metro Realty in Charlotte, NC. I have only been an owner for a short time and have therefore only been to a few of the conferences. But every time I have been, I the Distinct Displays booth has always caught my attention. I am always impressed with their marketing pieces. High-tech to high-impression. At the last conference, I finally broke down and purchased one of their back-lit displays, just in time for the grand opening of my first expansion office. The display is the highlight of my new office. It grabs our clients attention as soon as you walk in the door. My agents are very impressed with it and my prospective recruits can't stop looking at it. Thank you Distinct Displays. I'll get something new at each conference.


Owner/Designer / LeightWorks

"Thank you Andrea & Distinct Displays for your awesome products. When I set them up in my booth it was the first thing people noticed and its eye catching quality really helped draw people in to see my product. As the displays attracted more customers in, it eventually turned into higher sales. Looking at my jewelry and the overall image of my booth, and the beautiful lit edge around the display together with the vivid quality of the prints took my booth to the next level. Thanks again and I look forward to getting some bigger displays for my next set up."

Brien Metcalf

Realtor / Pacific Sotheby's

"We received a $2.7 Million Dollar listing off our amazing displays! The client walked by our office, saw our window and said we could have the listing if we put her house in the display! You could say we got our money's worth!"

Carissa Stanton

Administrative Assistant / Willis Allen

"We absolutely love our new light up window displays! They give our office a whole new luxury feel and they draw attention day and night. We have already seen an increase of walk in traffic from our beautiful new displays. Andrea made the installation process seamless every step of the way. Thank you for being such a huge help to our business!"